Sponsorship Opportunity

Tap into a new, growing market that will focus on Youth breakers in America.
With your support, our Youth Breaking Conference will continue to be a leading platform and an outlet for Youth breakers to develop and become world champions.

See our proposal below and select a sponsorship package you are most comfortable with. For any questions, please email finestcitydance@gmail.com

Choose your sponsorship package

  • STARTER Sponsorship

    Valid for 6 months
    • Website Placement
    • Vendor Booth
    • 2 tickets
  • BRONZE Sponsorship

    Valid for 6 months
    • Social Media Posts
    • Website Placement
    • Email Listing
    • Vendor Booth
    • 6 Tickets
  • SILVER Sponsorship

    Valid for one year
    • Logo placement in all promotional materials
    • Brand awareness and visibility at the event
    • 10 tickets
    • (includes bronze package)
  • GOLD Sponsorship

    Valid for one year
    • Full visibility through material posted on site
    • Logo placement on the main stage
    • Post-event visibility through media content
    • 20 Tickets
    • (includes bronze and silver package)
  • PLATINUM Sponsorship

    Valid for one year
    • Become the official sponsor and presenter of our event
    • Block your competition
    • 30 Tickets
    • (includes all bronze, silver, and gold packages)
  • IN-KIND Sponsorship

    Valid for 6 months
    • Prizes for winners
    • Rewards for other participants
    • Giveaways for attendees
    • Food or Drinks
    • Promotion or Advertisement