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Youth Breaking Development

With the rise of the competitive youth breaking circuit around the world and it now being part of the Youth Olympic Games, youth development and a disciplined, focus on breaking is very important. Our program is meant for serious, competitive breakers only, as we will provide high-level training and curate competitive events to help prepare your child and keep them ready.

Youth Breaking Circuit

A competitive breaking circuit throughout the year for bboys and bgirls who are 18 & under. This will allow them to put their skills to the test and help prepare them for international championships.

Private Training

Local 1-on-1 private training with your child and one of our instructors in San Diego, California. This will help your child focus and train directly, without any distractions.

Break Camps

Our Break Camps will have high-level, accomplished instructors coming to teach workshops and intensives to help develop our youth. This will be connected leading up to our Youth Breaking Circuit.

Weekly Training Sessions

Weekly classes and practice sessions to have your child train with others, which will help develop their confidence, presence, and motivation.

Faded Shapes

Sponsor our youth

Financial support for our Youth Breaking Development will be used towards our program, studio rentals, instructors, competition venues, travel expenses for our youth, & gear.

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